Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry was established in the year 2007 under Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Guwahati. The department currently offers Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences in addition to D.Pharm, B.Pharm and M. Pharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2019).

Currently, the department is headed by Prof. K. Jessi Kala Veni along with other highly experienced faculties. Finding of novel chemical compounds for the treatment of cancer, malaria, diabetes, and inflammation are the department’s primary research interests.

The department has been successful in obtaining finance from numerous funding organizations, including DST and AICTE. Research is actively conducted by faculty members, who publish their findings in reputed international journals. Also, the research is presented at reputed national and international conferences. 

The department is equipped with sophisticated instruments like HPLC, FT-IR, Flash chromatographic system, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, Microwave synthesizer, Spectrofluorimeter, Digital Polarimeter,  Elemental analyzer, Gas Chromatogrphy etc. In addition the department has a dedicated malaria culture laboratory and a computational facility equipped with Biovia Discovery Studio 2022 for designing new drug candidate. 


Guwahati Campus


Tezpur Campus