Dr. Supriya Sahu

Dr. Supriya Sahu

Associate Professor


Dr. SupriyaSahu joined the School of Pharmaceutical Science, Tezpur Campus as an Associate Professor on March 2023. At present, she is teaching (and learning) the curriculum courses of Biochemistry, Instrumental method of Analysis, and Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance. She is one of the Departmental Research Committee members and the institution’s Innovation Council committee member of Girijananda Chowdhury University.

Prior to this, sheworked in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, at Dibrugarh University as an Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. She has also served the Department of Pharmacy, Regional Institute of Paramedical And Nursing Sciences (RIPANS), Aizawl as a guest lecturer.

SupriyaSahuhad done her B. Pharm and M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) from Dibrugarh University. She had cleared the GPAT examination conducted by AICTE and was the silver medallist in both B. Pharm as well as M. Pharm from Dibrugarh University. After completing the M. Pharm she joined as a JRF in a funded project at Dibrugarh University.

She had pursuedaPh.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Dibrugarh University in the thrust area of antimalarial drug discovery. Her work is mostly in Computer-aided drug designing, Computational studies, QSAR, Docking, Microwave-assisted synthesis, Antimalarials, and Antidepressants. Her research interest and capabilities are well described by the various research and book chapter publications she had in Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, etc.

She was selected for participation in the hands-on Training Workshop on Medical Imaging: in Drug Discovery organized by DBT-NER Biotechnology/Bioinformatics Training Centre, Tata Memorial Centre, ACTREC, Navi Mumbai from the state of Assam in 2019.She has guided three M. Pharm students for their project work and currently one Ph.D. scholar is pursuing the research degree under her supervision.

Apart from this, she is involved in organizing various national seminars, workshops, etc. She is a life member of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association and is areviewer of various reputed international journals.

Apart from professional life, she loves to express herself in the form of poems, especially through Assamese poems and HindiShayaris.


  • Bachelor of Pharmacy 2010 Dibrugarh University
  • Master's of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2013Dibrugarh University
  • Ph. D in Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017 Dibrugarh University
  • Professional Diploma in Clinical Research Catalyst Clinical Services, New Delhi


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Award, Fellowship & Recognition

  • • Qualified GPAT in 2011
  • • First class second rank holder in B. Pharm, 2010, in Dibrugarh University
  • • First class second rank holder in M. Pharm, 2013, in Dibrugarh University