Zartaj Washmin Banu joined the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences as an Assistant Professor on January 2019. Her major areas of teaching are Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry.

Embarking on her academic odyssey, Zartaj completed her Bachelors of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) in 2014 and Masters of Pharmacy(M. Pharm) in 2016, with specialization in Pharmaceutical Chemistryfrom Dibrugarh University.

In her teaching career, through subjects like organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry, she fosters an environment of intellectual curiosity towards the field of pharmaceutical chemistry. Beyond her teaching responsibilities, Zartaj is an avid researcher with a particular focus on phytochemistry, synthetic chemistry and cancer research. Her keen interest in these areas stems for the potential they hold for developing novel therapeutic agents and advancing the field of medicine. Alongside her teaching commitments, she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from Assam Science and Technology University, where she continues to delve deeper into her research interest.

Beyond her academic pursuits Zartaj shares a passion in writing poetry, exploring culinary arts and the art of hand embroideries that enriches her persona underscoring her appreciation for the myriad expressions of creativity.

A teacher by profession and an artist by passion, she believes in education being a two-way process of simultaneous giving and gaining of knowledge. Her reverence for education as a dynamic exchange is a driving force that propels her journey as an educator and a lifelong learner.


  • Bachelor of Pharmacy 2014 Dibrugarh University
  • Master's of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2016Dibrugarh University


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