Gymnasium & Sports

The Indoor Stadium is located at the backend of the campus and it has a floor area of 8250 square feet. The Indoor stadium consists of 3 badminton courts, 3 Table tennis court, 1 squash court, a gymnasium and common rooms for both boys and girls. The functional planning includes detailed standards and specifications regarding the sporting facilities to be provided in the indoor stadium. All the required facilities including drinking water provisions, seating arrangements, separate toilets for girls and boys, medical accessories, locker, storage etc are provided.

Three courts of badminton are provided at the centre of the stadium. The play area provided for each court is 44 feet x 22 feet.

A double player squash court is provided with international standards is provided in the indoor stadium.

The indoor stadium has two separate common rooms for boys and girls which includes indoor game facilities and locker rooms.


The Indoor stadium also includes a gymnasium of floor area of 1200 square feet. The gymnasium has all the modern equipments for power and weight lifting exercise. A dedicated trainer for smooth conduction and guidance has also been appointed.

Six courts of table tennis are provided at the first floor. This floor can also be used as a conventional center. The total play area provided for table tennis court is 30 feet x 30 feet.


A common playground is located just in front of the boy’s hostel. It has provisions for both football and cricket. A volleyball court is also provided at one corner of the playground.