About IDEA lab

AICTE-IDEA (Idea Development, Evaluation & Application) Labs are being established across the country for encouraging students for application of science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) fundamentals towards enhanced hands-on experience, learning by doing and even product visualization. As a common facility embedded in the institution, the IDEA Lab will make engineering graduates more imaginative and creative, besides getting basic training in the 21st century skills like- critical thinking, problem solving, design thinking, collaboration, communication, lifelong learning etc. IDEA Lab can empower the students and faculty to “engage, explore, experience, express and excel”, addressing the need of new age learning. IDEA Lab would serve as an infrastructure for faculty to take up and promote multidisciplinary education and research. Accordingly, faculty would be encouraged to get trained in these Labs and strive for creating problems/ projects/ internships in their own subjects/ disciplines and mentor the students.

Our Equipments

Skilling Programs

Skilling Programs are organized for the students to enhance their basic knowledge in the field of science and Technology


Internship programsare conductedfor degree and diploma students to give them extensivehands on practical knowledge in cutting edge technologies for a period of 15 to 30 days as a part of their curriculum


Degree/Diploma students can make use of the IDEA lab facilities for carrying out their final year projects.

Faculty Development Program

FDPs are organized for Teachersof various schools and colleges for their academic uplift through hands-on skilling programs.

Day Long Lab Tour

To make aware of the existing facilities at AICTE IDEA Lab, frequent lab tours are organized for different school students.