Pharmaceutics (Tezpur Campus)

Pharmaceutics focuses on the conceptualization and development of appropriate forms of dosage for medications and methods to deliver such medications to the intended sites of action in the human system. Numerous chemicals have pharmacological characteristics, but they often require additional intervention to reach clinically appropriate concentrations at their sites of action. Pharmaceutics aids in connecting the synthesis of medicines with their absorption and elimination from the body. The department’s pharmaceutics concentration offers students expertise in the fields of novel drug formulations, drug delivery, drug targeting, drug dispensing, and pharmaceutical drug testing (Quality control test) through both hands-on experience and research.


The Department is equipped with well equipped facilities with advanced laboratory instruments that include HPLCs, Rotary Evaporators, Bilayer Tablet punching machines, Multi station punching machines, High speed homozenisers, Sonnicators, Lyophilizer besides the general facilities for preparation of Conventional and Novel dosage forms. Moreover, the Department is also having Pilot Plant facilities for production and evaluation of oral solid dosage forms Tablets and capsules.


Tezpur Campus