Development of Optical fibre sensor to measure the degradation and breakdown of non-polar hydrocarbon oils

About the Project:

The project was funded by ASTEC, Govt. of Assam. The sanctioned amount was Rs. 1,39,000.00. The system made from this project comprises of multiple sensors, which can be used to test different parameters of oil samples so that the degradation percentage of the samples can be measured. The system consists of a NTC thermistor, BTBMOF optical sensor, IR transmitter and Ultrasonic sensor, MQ135 and MQ2 gas sensor DHT 11 humidity and temperature sensor. The sensor data are fed to a MEGA2560 microcontroller system in which a Fuzzy inference system has been embedded. The fuzzy system takes the sensor data and computes the degradation percentage based on the sensor data and outputs it in LCD and mobile app as degradation percentage.

Name of Faculty Incharge: Dr. Sandip Bordoloi

Status: Submitted