Design, Development And Performance Analysis Of A Solar Dryer For Fruit/Vegetable Chips.

About The Project:-

In this present experimental study, a flat absorber plate of a solar air dryer (SAD) is modified through trapezoidal obstacles to rate the performance of the SAD. The modification of the absorber plate’s surface becomes to be an effective practice for the researchers to counter the drawbacks and augment the performance of the SAD. From the energy, exergy, the present study discloses that the modified absorber plate performs better than the flat absorber plate. The exit temperature of the solar air dryer is increased by 8% using the modified absorber plate. The energetic efficiency is found to be improved with the governing parameters. For a fixed air flow rate of 0.012 kg/s, using a modified absorber plate, the useful energy gained and the energy efficiency by 57.78 % and 39.57 %, respectively, for the higher collector tilt angle of 30◦. Similarly, exergy efficiency is reported to be increased by 25% for the same conditions. Using a modified absorber plate decreases the exergy destruction by about 15% for the collector tilt angle of 30o.

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Parthapratim Baruah              190310002030                        Dr. Kankan Kishore Pathak

Nilabhjyoti Bora                     190310002026                        Assistant Professor

Jayanta Das                            190310002018                        Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Arijit Borah                             190310002005                        GIMT, Guwahati

Nipankar Deka                       190310002028

Temperature variations in SAC in MAP

Energy efficiency in MAP

Energy efficiency in MAP