Department of Economics

The Department of Economics at Girijananda Chowdhury University is one of the strongest departments having faculty members who have keen interest in research and proficiency in providing extensive knowledge on a broad range of fields related to Economics. The Department of Economics of Girijananda Chowdhury University currently offers four programs – B.A/B.Sc in Economics, M.A/ M.Sc in Economics and Ph.D in Economics. 

The Department focuses on the analysis of how societies allocate scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants and needs. It offers a range of courses and programs that explore economics theories, principles and applications.

In the department, the students will have the opportunity to study various aspects of economics, including microeconomics (the study of individual economic agents such as households and firms), macroeconomics (the study of the overall economy and its aggregates like GDP, inflation and unemployment), econometrics (the application of statistical methods to economic data), and specialized areas such as labour economics, environmental economics etc.


Our vision is to provide learner centric transformative experiences with respect to intellectual, ethical and socio-cultural behaviours which will create human resources who can contribute to the society at large.

  1. M1: To provide knowledge and skills to compete in the global economic environment.
  2. M2: To provide research based contemporary and future focused courses to meet the dynamic realities of the region.
  3. M3:  To create globally competent human resources by building vibrant industry-academia bonding and collaboration with different sectors.
  4. M4: To nurture the human values and society by inculcating value centric approach of learning.
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Dr. Sampurna Bhuyan

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Warm Greetings and a hearty welcome to the Department of Economics, Girijananda Chowdhury University. Our mission is to create and nurture globally competent human resources in one hand and to achieve excellence in research on the other. To achieve our goal we have introduced different future focused courses .The assorted mix of courses allows the students to strengthen their merits and overcome the weaknesses. To give a practical exposure to the students we have emphasized more on field based dissertations, internship, data handling and analysis. We strive to motivate students to embrace new academic challenges to match with the current demand of the industry and service sector.

Programmes Offered
B.A. /B. Sc.
Ph. D.

Department of Economics offering Bachelor and Master Degree to facilitate modern and dynamic cutting edge courses to meet the requirements of the today’s Global World.

Programs Offered
B.A. /B. Sc.

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M.A. /M. Sc.

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A holistic understanding of the concepts of economics and a further understanding fostered in practicality assume priority respectively in our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

 The Department of Economics, GCU is offering Major/Minor in Economics. This undergraduate program will help the aspiring students to satisfy their thirst for knowledge about different fields of Economics. The advanced knowledge, information and training on diverse topics of Economics that a student will receive from the course will provide them with cutting edge strategies and strategies to excel in their profession and choose appropriate carrier opportunities. The newfound skill will also encourage them to perform their task with greater efficiency which will benefit the entire workforce. Anyone who has completed their Higher Secondary level education can opt for this course.

The graduate degree in economics provides a general overview of theories of macroeconomics, microeconomics and their applications, Public Finance, Statistics, and Quantitative Techniques. Course materials and resources are designed for students who want to pursue their studies at more advanced levels and for working professionals interested in Economics. In addition to numerous theoretical and applied research interests in economics, our professors are engaged in various multidisciplinary projects-contributing to publications in statistics, sociology and medical research as well as government policy reports.

Career opportunities

  1. Graduates from Economics can seek a career in variety of areas including business, finance and banking. They can also obtain jobs abroad as Auditor, Stock Broker, Media Analyst, Actuarial, Banker etc.
  2. Employment opportunities are available in both public sector and private sector industries such as in non-profit agencies, healthcare organization and law firms.
  3. The students will get wide range of job opportunities to conduct data analysis, recognize process improvement opportunities, make recommendations, managing external stakeholder’s expectations, government services and international civil services.
  4. Graduates from Economics can find jobs like Financial Analyst, Stock Broker, Associate Researcher, Economic Analyst, Senior Business Analyst, Senior Economist, Trade Analyst, Marketing Manager and Branch Retail Manger.
  5. Post graduates/Ph D scholars after completing their degrees, can obtain jobs of Lecturer or Professor, Economist, Geographer,  consultant in Econometric model building and research work , Public Relations Officer, Industrial Organization Economists, Social Scientists, Financial Consultant, Advisor, Data  Analyst, Market Researcher. 
Special Features of the Department
  • Up to date Curriculum
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Learner centric Education
  • International Study Tour
  • Research Oriented Learning
  • Smart Classroom
  • Well Equipped Library
  • Within the Campus Hostel Accommodation for boys & girls separately.