Alumni Views of Civil Engineering

Alumni Views:

Supriya Baruah

B.Tech (CE) (Batch 2014-18)

Assistant Engineer, PWD, Govt of Assam

The journey of GIMT was both educational and life shaping experience for me. I am privileged to be a part of this great institution. I will always be grateful for those continued guidance and support of our teachers at any point of time. The entire department of Civil Engineering was extremely supportive throughout my journey without which it would not have been possible to be where I am. The educational facilities along with the lab infrastructure are fully equipped and a motivated atmosphere always persists to improve every day. I want to thank my whole Civil Department and GIMT for everything that they have done for me. My best wishes will always remain with the entire future individuals who will be a part of this institution.

Babli Buragohain,

B.Tech (CE) (Batch 2014-18)

Assistant Engineer, PWD, Govt of Assam 

When I first walked through the gates of this college, there was this mix feeling……excitement of finally becoming an engineering undergrad… and anxiousness of coming to a new place amongst unknown places.  But here in GIMT everyone made me feel at home, and as the time went by acquaintances became friends and soon we became family and GIMT became our second home. I am proud to be a member of GIMT family and those 3 years which I spent here, I shall always treasure those moments.  Long Live GIMT.

Jyotirman Bharadwaj 

B.Tech (CE) (Batch 2014-18)

GIMT has been a very special part of my life. The 4 years that I spent here has help me grow intellectually as well as a person in social life. Throughout my years in here, I have experienced a very supportive and motivating guidance from all the faculty members of civil engineering department as well as all other faculty members from whom I have been privileged to learn from. The faculties of civil engineering department has help me develop not only my technical knowledge but also helped me sharpen my non-technical skills and qualities. It has also provided me and my friends the opportunity to compete in extra-curricular activities with encouragement and support. Most importantly even after being in the 1st batch of civil engineering department, I was lucky enough to get placed in a core job through campus placements for which I will be ever grateful to T&P department. I was privileged enough to get such a great learning experience and would always advice my brothers & sisters to experience this experience.

Subrata Kumar

B.Tech. (CE) (Batch 2016-19)

Accredited Engineer, PNRD, Govt. of Assam

My college days were the happiest & fruitful days of my life. I cherished every moment of my college. I feel proud of my college. My experience in GIMT was just amazing. Teachers were very supportive and knowledgeable. They motivated me towards the right direction of my career. I really miss those days of GIMT. I just want to thank all the faculty members for their support and motivation. Long Live GIMT.

Arunabh Bordoloi

B.Tech. (CE) (Batch 2016-2019)

Accredited Engineer, PNRD, Govt. of Assam

Words are not enough to describe my blithe experience at GIMT. I have spent three years of my life here in this institute. Those three years were the most colorful and memorable days of my life. GIMT provided me the environment as well as the opportunity to improve my skill and knowledge to achieve my desired career. This institute of management and technology serves in an impeccable way to develop the educational environment among the youths. I convey my gratitude and respect to my beloved institute GIMT. Long Live GIMT.

Hritishma Rabha

B.Tech. (CE) (Batch 2016-2019)

Accredited Engineer, PNRD, Assam

At the outset, I offer thanks to all my respectable teachers for their continuous support and guidance. The environment of GIMT had always given me the energy to rise. I always preferred to stay in hostel.  The environment of GIMT Girls’ hostel was beautiful and conducive. At last, I wish that GIMT will be shining like a star on the horizon.  Long live GIMT.