Associate Professor


Dr. Nikhil Biswas was appointed as an Associate Professor at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Girijananda Chowdhury University in February 2023. Currently, he is instructing the curriculum courses of Pharmacy, including Molecular Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Engineering, and Physical Pharmaceutics.

Before assuming his current role, Dr. Biswas engaged in a productive five-year tenure as a postdoctoral researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, where his research was centered on the captivating field of cancer nanomedicine. The researcher’s investigations focused on the complexities of oncology, including the discovery of novel drug combinations for efficient cancer treatment and the careful development of nanocarriers customized to improve drug administration. In addition, his areas of interest encompassed the development of programmed nanocarriers for the purpose of chronotherapy in the treatment of hypertension and diabetes. This demonstrates his commitment to tackling significant healthcare issues.

Dr. Biswas completed his Master’s degree (M.Pharm) in the field of Pharmaceutics at Dibrugarh University. Prior to that, he received his Bachelor’s degree (B.Pharm) from Jadavpur University, where he graduated with honors. Dr. Biswas obtained his Doctor of Philosophy degree in pharmacy from Jadavpur University, where he was a recipient of the CSIR direct senior research fellowship. The subject of his PhD dissertation encompassed the field of nanomedicines, with a specific emphasis on augmenting the therapeutic effectiveness of antihypertensive medications for those diagnosed with essential hypertension. His scholarly prowess is evident through his prolific publication record of 19 research papers in highly regarded, SCI-indexed journals. Dr. Biswas’ dedication to advancing pharmaceutical sciences is also reflected in his active participation in numerous national and international conferences.

Beyond research and publications, Dr. Biswas has demonstrated his commitment to mentoring and guiding the next generation of pharmaceutical scholars. He has supervised multiple M.Pharm students and currently lends his expertise to Ph.D. candidates. His leadership extends to administrative roles as well, as he serves as the member secretary of the IBSC and contributes to committees such as NAAC, NBA, and IQAC at Girijananda Chowdhury University.


  • Bachelor of Pharmaceutics in Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Medicinal chemistry, Instrumental Analysis 2004 Jadavpur University
  • Master's of Pharmaceutics in Pharmaceutics 2007 Dibrugarh University
  • Ph.D of Pharmacy in Nano drug delivery for the treatment of hypertension 2016 Jadavpur University
  • Post-Doctoral in Nano drug delivery for cancer chemotherapy 2022The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • CSIR-SRF Research Associate in Programmed polymeric device for pulsed delivery of antihypertensives 2015 Jadavpur University


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Award, Fellowship & Recognition

  • GATE (Pharmacy) 2005, AIR-243
  • Research Associate (CSIR-SRF): 2011-2015
  • Post Doctoral Fellow (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): 2017-2022