Mrs. Namrata Koushik

Ms. Namrata Koushik

Assistant professor


Namrata Koushik’s journey in the pharmaceutical field showcases her unwavering commitment to academia and industry. Joining the Department of Pharmacognosy as an Assistant Professor, at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, GCU, Tezpur in February 2023, she brings her expertise and passion to the classroom.

Beyond conventional teaching, Namrata’s role involves ongoing learning and growth within her chosen domain. Her teaching spans Pharmacognosy, diving into medicinal plants and natural products, along with Pharmaceutical Law and Ethics, instilling responsible industry practices in her students. Her prior experiences have significantly shaped her journey. Working at Eris Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd., she gained insights into pharmaceutical production and packaging, while her time at J.B. Institute of Pharmacy, Guwahati improved her teaching skills.

Education forms the bedrock of Namrata’s accomplishments. With Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Pharmacy from Dibrugarh University, she demonstrates a commitment to academic excellence. Her 3 authored articles and a book in the pharmaceutical field highlight her intellectual curiosity and knowledge-sharing drive. In essence, NamrataKoushik’s journey epitomizes her roles as an educator and lifelong learner.