Dr.Th. Shanta Kumar

Dr. Th. Shanta Kumar

Associate Professor


Dr. Kumar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, GigijanandaChowdhury University, Assam. He has done his Masters from Jorhat Engineering College (2000) and PhD from Himachal Pradesh University (2012). He had served for more than a decade in Bhutan including Royal University of Bhutan.

Dr. Kumar’s domain of research is Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. His current research interest area includes Environmental Issues, Educational Systems and Social Network Analysis. He has published a number of scientific papers in journals and conferences.

Dr. Kumar is a member of a number of Academic and Societal bodies including ‘Local Innovation System in Air Pollution, Assam’. He was the convenor/Coordinator of:

  1. National Conference in Recent Trends in Science and Technology, NCRTST-2018
  2. National Seminar on English Language Pedagogy for Engineering & Polytechnic Students, NSELPEPS-2015
  3. International Conference in Advances in Environmental Sciences ICAES-2012
  4. International Conference on Population and Development, ICPD-2010


  • Ph.D. scholars in Cyber security and Machine Learning Techniques, ASTU and Anomaly Detection in Streams, ASTU 2007Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, HP,
  • Bachelor of science in Computer science 1992D.M. College of Science, Manipur University
  • Master's in Computer Application 1998Jorhat Engieering College, Dibrugarh University


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