Dr. Tapash Chakraborty

Dr. Tapash Chakraborty

Assistant Professor


Accounting can be divided into several fields including financial accounting, management accounting, external auditing, tax accounting and cost accounting. Accounting information systems are designed to support accounting functions and related activities. Financial accounting focuses on the reporting of an organization’s financial information, including the preparation of financial statements, to the external users of the information, such as investors.

Currently, Professor John is focusing his research on individual investor behavior and company incentives to better understand how disclosure affects stock returns and to uncover possible mispricing. Nevertheless, John is conducting an new way of examination of analyst access to information, and he is investigating market reactions to natural issues and the impact that would occur on individual firms.


  • Bachelor of Pharmacy 2011Gauhati University
  • Master's of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics 2013 Gauhati University
  • Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences 2019 Dibrugarh University


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Award, Fellowship & Recognition

  • Achieved recognition as the ‘Best Poster’ at the “International Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, ICANN-2017”, December 18-21, 2017, IIT Guwahati, India
  • Qualified GPAT with All India Ranking of 1563 in the year 2011
  • 59th All India rank in “National Level Pharmacy Talent Search Examination” (online) organized by ‘Pharma Help Line Society’, 2009
  • Second-highest mark scorer of Chhaygaon (South Kamrup, Assam, India) H.S.L.C. examination center of 2003.