Dr. Salma Mazid

Dr. Salma Mazid

Assistant Professor


Dr. Salma Mazid completed her PhD from Gauhati University in 2016. Her Doctoral thesis was titled “Studies on certain fungal biopesticides and their efficacy on various developmental stages of red spider mite (Oligonychus coffeae Nietner)”  wherein she studied the biocontrol effects of certain fungal agents in controlling red spider mite population which is a serious pest of tea plantation. She carried out her research under the guidance of Dr. Jogen Chandra Kalita, Professor, Dept. of Zoology, Gauhati University and Dr. Ratul Chandra Rajkhowa, Retd. Associate Professor, Dept. of Zoology, Cotton College. Her Masters was in Zoology (2009) with a specialization in Entomology from Cotton College, Guwahati.

Dr. Mazid has a teaching experience of over 7 years wherein she has instructed theoretical as well as practical classes to several Postgraduate and Undergraduate students in the field of Zoology, especially Entomology. She has over 13 publications in National and International journals ranging from topics like biocontrol of pests, entomophagy, sericulture etc.

Dr. Mazid believes in delivering quality content to students in the classroom and beyond. Teaching for her is a vocation, that requires attention to detail and passionate involvement with the discipline.

Dr. Mazid is also a Visharad in Hindustani Classical Music (Vocals) as well as a Diploma holder in Fine Arts. In her leisure time she enjoys listening to music and watching movies.