Dr. Rupa Sengupta.

Dr. Rupa Sengupta.

Assistant Professor


Dr.Rupa Senguptajoined at  the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the  Girijananda Chowdhry University, Assam, Indiaas an Assistant Professor on August 2019. At present, she is teachingthe curriculum courses of  D.Pharm,B.Pharm and M.Pharm.Prior to this, she worked in ROFEL,SreeG.M.Bilakhia College of Pharmacy, Vapi, Gujarat, India for the last 13 years.

Dr.Rupahas completed her UG and PG from the Department of Pharmaceutical sciences, Dibrugarh University, Assamwith First class First position with Distinction and qualified GATE in the year 2004. She was awarded Ph.D. from  Kari Sarva Vishwavidyalaya Gandhinagar, Gujarat. She has a total of 17 years of academicexperience. She has delivered invited talks on various topics at National conferences, workshops, and faculty development programs and has guided manyM.Pharm students. Her research area includes ethnobotany, herbal drug standardization, and phytopharmacology of herbal medicine. She is a life member of APTI, India. She has published a total of 27 research articles in National and International journals ,Received grant for a Design  patent in Government of India,on the topic “Portable SoxletApparatusFor extraction Of Herbal drugs”   in the month of  May 2023. and also participated and presented scientific papers in several seminars and conferences throughout India. She communicates in the languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese,and Gujarati.


  • Bachelor of Pharmacy 2002Dibrugarh University
  • Master's of Pharmacy in Pharmacognosy 2006Dibrugarh University
  • Ph.D in Doctor of Philosophy Pharmaceutical Sciences 2022Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya.KBIPER Gandhinagar,Gujarat


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Award, Fellowship & Recognition

  • 1st class first position in M.Pharm in the year 2006, Dibrugarh university
  • GATE qualified in the year2004 with Percentile score 82.10