Dr. Kankan Kishore Pathak

Dr. Kankan Kishore Pathak

Assistant Professor


Dr. Kankan Kishore Pathak is a teacher and researcher in the field of heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and renewable energy. He began his journey at the Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management and Technology (GIMT), Guwahati in January 2019, where he joined as a faculty member in the department of Mechanical Engineering.

Prior to his association with GIMT, Guwahati, Dr. Pathak pursued his doctoral and master’s degrees from the North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST), Arunachal Pradesh with MHRD Scholarships. He was also associated with National Institute of Technology (NIT), Arunachal Pradesh for a brief period of time as a temporary faculty in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

During his doctoral research, Dr. Pathak focused on the topic of laminar convective heat transfer from a shrouded vertical variable height plate fin array. The outcome of his research work discloses the fact of using shrouded variable height fin array for enhanced heat transfer under certain conditions. Conventional shrouded fixed height fin array may be replaced with the designed variable height fin array for improved heat transfer results in the applications such as energy storing/generating devices, cooling of transformer, heat loss from engine radiator, cooling of electronic equipment or computer parts, etc.

With nearly a decade of experience in teaching and research, Dr. Pathak has tried himself as a teacher and researcher in various areas of thermal and fluid sciences. His research interests encompass the design and optimization of heat sinks/extended surfaces, numerical heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics, energy and exergy analysis of thermal systems, renewable energy, condensation, etc.

Dr. Pathak’s research work has been published in various reputable international journals, conference proceedings, and books, solidifying his standing as a productive author and researcher. In recognition of his groundbreaking research, Dr. Pathak holds a patent for his contributions in the field of renewable energy.

Dr.Pathak has successfully completed and participated in various workshops, trainings, FDPs, seminars, Swayam/NPTEL certificate courses organised/conducted by various reputed national /international organizations/agenciessuch as IITs/NITs/AICTE/NITTT/VIT, etc.


  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering 2011 VTU
  • Master's of Technology in Thermo-Fluid Engineering 2014 NERIST
  • Ph.D in Mechanical EngineeringNERIST


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Award, Fellowship & Recognition

Patent Details (Co-inventor):
Invention: Solar Air Heater System with Modified Absorber
Application Number: 202022104782.0 (German Patent and Trade Mark Office/DPMA)
Date of Application: 24.08.2022
Date of Registration (Grant): 13.01.2023
Details: A solar air heater (SAH) with a modified absorber and sand based thermal energy storage (TES) to evaluate its thermal performance.