Dr. Arnab Kumar Das

Assistant Professor


Dr Arnab Kumar Das joined GIMT Guwahati (Now Girijananda Choudhury University) on 1st August 2009 as Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Application. Before joining the institute Dr Das worked as a Database Administrator in InterGlobe Aviation Limited, Guwahati for a period of one year.

Dr Das did his post graduation in Computer Application from Dibrugarh University. He also completed M tech in Information Technology from Gauhati University where his research focus was on mining rare pattern in different data streams.

Dr Das did his PhD in Computer science and Engineering from Gauhati University under faculty of Engineering and his research centered around the application of Graph theoretic concepts in routing protocols of Mobile Adhoc Network. Dr Das also has a deep research interest in algorithm design and machine learning based application.

Dr Das currently teaches various courses including Artificial Intelligence, Design and analysis of Algorithm, Distributed System, and Data Structure in both BCA and MCA programs.

Apart from academics, Dr Das is also looking after the training and placement activities of the department and helping students to secure valuable job opportunities.Dr Das is a great music lover and sport fanatic who loves to indulge with young technocrats and exchange ideas to innovate and develop sustainable application and product for a better world.


  • Ph.D in Graph theory 2022Gauhati University
  • Masters in Computer Applications 2008Dibrugarh University
  • Master of technology in data mining 2014Gauhati University
  • Bachelor of science in Biochemistry 2004Gauhati University


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Award, Fellowship & Recognition

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