Dr. Anupam Sarma

Dr. Anupam Sarma

Assistant Professor


Dr. Anupam Sarma, a dedicated and accomplished academician, embarked on his professional journey at GIPS-Guwahati (now Girijananda Choudhury University) in March 2021, assuming the role of Assistant Professor within the Department of Pharmaceutics. His expertise extends beyond the classroom, as he is a registered pharmacist at the Assam Pharmacy Council, bringing a practical dimension to his teaching.

Dr. Sarma’s academic voyage commenced back in 2018 when he began his career as an Assistant Professor at Pratiksha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Guwahati. He honed his knowledge and passion for the field, culminating in the completion of his Masters in Pharmaceutics from GIPS-Guwahati in 2013.

Notably, Dr. Sarma fortified his academic background with hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, where he immersed himself in various pivotal departments, including formulation and development, drug regulatory affairs, quality control, and quality assurance.

His commitment to advancing pharmaceutical sciences reached its zenith during his tenure as a Junior Research Fellow at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dibrugarh University, from 2015 to 2017. Engaged in a DST-UKIERI funded project, he conducted groundbreaking research at the Drug Delivery & Nanomedicine laboratory at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, King’s College London. This remarkable journey culminated in Dr. Sarma’s crowning achievement—a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Dibrugarh University in 2020.

Dr. Sarma’s research endeavors have primarily revolved around addressing the complexities of AIDS treatment. He has made significant contributions by discovering novel drug combinations for more effective AIDS treatment and meticulously developing customized nanocarriers to enhance drug delivery to the brain. Moreover, his interests extend to the development of programmed nanocarriers using novel biomaterials, a pioneering approach in chronotherapy for the treatment of neurological disorders, underscoring his dedication to tackling critical healthcare issues.

Beyond his research prowess, Dr. Sarma is well-regarded as a well-presented, self-motivated, resourceful, and confident educator. With over five years of teaching experience and eight years devoted to research and development in higher technical education, he possesses a wealth of knowledge and the capability to undertake critical tasks at the university level. His instructional portfolio spans a diverse range of courses at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. levels, exemplifying his commitment to nurturing the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists.

Dr. Sarma’s mentorship extends to guiding numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students as a project co-investigator. His role as a project co-investigator under DST-FIST sponsored projects and his current mentorship of Ph.D. students reflect his dedication to fostering research talent.

As a prolific author, Dr. Sarma has contributed significantly to the scientific community. His research findings have found their place in reputed SCI-indexed journals and prestigious book chapters published by renowned publishers. Additionally, he serves as a valued reviewer for esteemed national and international journals, actively contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Dr. Anupam Sarma’s multifaceted journey showcases his unwavering dedication to the field of pharmaceutical sciences, his passion for research, and his commitment to education. His profound impact on academia, coupled with his pioneering research in healthcare, cements his reputation as a distinguished figure in the pharmaceutical world.


  • Bachelor of Pharmacy 2011 Gauhati University
  • Master's of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics 2013 Gauhati University
  • Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences 2020 Dibrugarh University


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Award, Fellowship & Recognition

  • Qualified GPAT 2011
  • DST-UKIERI Junior Research Fellowship
  • DST-FIST (Co-Guide/PIG)
  • Recognized reviewer of Wiley, T&F and Dove Press publications