Celebration of World Pharmacists Day 2023 at GCU Tezpur Campus

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Girijananda Chowdhury University (GCU), Tezpur Campus, marked World Pharmacists Day 2023 with a remarkable array of activities that blended education, awareness, and community service.

The two-day celebration began with an innovative and informative approach – street plays. These plays, performed by enthusiastic students, took place at various locations, including the District Museum in Tezpur, Mission Chariali, Goroimari, and Tezpur Medical College and
Hospital in Bihuguri. The theme for this year’s celebration, “Pharmacists Strengthening Health Systems – Angdaan Mahadan,” aimed to spotlight the pivotal role pharmacists play in bolstering healthcare systems and their contributions to better community health. In addition to being enjoyable, the street plays were an effective way to spread the word about the vital role that pharmacists play in healthcare. They engaged audiences in various settings while disseminating information and highlighting the importance of pharmacists in obtaining better health outcomes.
The second day of the World Pharmacists Day celebration began with a formal gathering, featuring the unfurling of the flag as a symbol of the event’s commencement. The recitation of the Pharmacist Oath reaffirmed the commitment of pharmacists to ethical and responsible practice, emphasizing their role in patient care. One of the highlights of the celebration was the heartfelt felicitation of retired and working pharmacists. Their dedication and service to the profession were acknowledged with respect and gratitude. The event was graced by esteemed guests, including Dr. Pronobesh Chattopadhyay, Scientist-F at DRL, Tezpur, who served as the Chief Guest, and Shri. Quri Kiron Hazarika, Inspector of Drugs, Biswanath, along with Shri. Mr Kulendra Goswami, Retd. Senior Lecturer, AMCH as the Guest of Honour. Their presence emphasized the significance of pharmacists in the healthcare landscape.

The event was boosted further by a model-making competition, which provided a forum for students to demonstrate their inventive ideas and abilities. This contest promoted healthy competition among students while also showcasing the innovative spirit that is advancing the study of pharmaceutical sciences.

In keeping with the spirit of community involvement, a Free Health Camp was organized. This program provided residents in the neighborhood with free medical tests, medications, and blood testing. The teamwork between GCU-Tezpur and the NSS team was an excellent example of the institution’s dedication to community welfare as well as accessibility to healthcare.

The GCU Tezpur Campus’s observance of World Pharmacists Day 2023 was thorough and considerate. It not only emphasized the importance of pharmacists but also showed how committed the institution is to community involvement, education, and the advancement of ethical healthcare practices.