Jyotishma Medhi shares her experiences of World Youth Festival, Russia.

When I landed in Sochi, Russia on 29th february, I was amazed and perplexed at the same time. The air was fresh and we had a warm welcome at the Sochi International Airport. ‘Превет’ which translates to ‘hello’ in english echoed through the roads of the city and hearts of the Russians when they met us.

World Youth festival was an amalgamation of many events and conferences, of which I was a part. I attended the events there, with full enthusiasm. I donated a few books written in Russian about the very eminent Lakshminath Bezbaruah, translated by Kandarpa Das Sir, Vice Chancellor of GCU.

I enjoyed international delicacies there and authentic Russian meals. I also explored around Krasnador Krai, Adler and Sirius. I met delegates from almost 190 countries, each with their own culture and language,which decorated the aura of the event even further.

I had the most mind-boggling experience of my life, from 1-7 march in Russia, as a fully funded delegate. I am wonderfully dazed.