Indo-Bangladesh Educational Conclave

The educational landscape in South Asia has been evolving rapidly, with India and Bangladesh emerging as key players. Both countries share a rich cultural heritage, historical ties, and a common commitment to improving their educational systems. 

The relationship between India and Bangladesh is deeply rooted in shared history, culture, and geography. Over the years, Bangladesh has been one of the best neighbours of India. Economic ties between India and Bangladesh have grown significantly and both the nations are working towards enhancing regional connectivity as well. Cultural and educational exchanges have also played a significant role in fostering mutual understanding between both the nations. Initiatives like establishment of cultural centres, and joint cultural programs celebrate the shared heritage and enhance people-to-people connections between both the nations.

The collaboration between North East India and Bangladesh in education and culture holds significant potential to enhance mutual understanding, foster regional development, and promote peace and prosperity. Both regions share deep historical connections, cultural affinities, and geographical proximity, making them ideal partners for educational and cultural initiatives.

In line with India’s Act East Policy which is a strategic initiative of the nation to promote economic collaborations and cultural exchange with its neighbouring countries, Girijananda Chowdhury University proposes to organize an Indo-Bangladesh Educational Conclave in collaboration with the Assistant High Commission of Bangladesh in Guwahati in the 09th – 10th September 2024. The Indo-Bangladesh Educational Conclave aims to strengthen bilateral relations through collaborative educational initiatives, exchange programs, and innovative partnerships.

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Objectives of the Conclave:

  • To promote bilateral educational cooperation and collaborations between the Higher Educational Institutes of Bangladesh and Assam.
  • To explore the possibilities of exchange of faculties and students in organizing joint conferences and workshops.
  • To encourage the students of Bangladesh to pursue their education in Assam.
  • To share the best practices and innovative approaches to improve the quality of education in both countries.

Participants of the Conclave:

  • Universities and Higher Educational Institutes of Bangladesh and India
  • Service Providers in the field of education in both the countries
  • Educational Leaders of the Higher Educational Institutes of Bangladesh and India
  • Government officials, representatives from the education department and educational policymakers of Bangladesh and India
  • Students and Researchers of both Bangladesh and India

Format of the Conclave:

  1. Inaugural Session: A formal inaugural session shall be held to start off the conclave.
  2. Workshops and Round Table Discussions: Interactive sessions on key themes involving educators, policymakers, faculty members and experts from both the countries.
  3. Exhibitions and Edu-fairs: A platform for educational institutions and ed-tech companies to showcase their work and network with potential partners.
  4. Cultural programme: Events to celebrate the cultural heritage of both countries, enhancing mutual understanding and respect.


Expected Outcomes of the Conclave:

  1. Joint Research Initiatives: Launch of collaborative research projects addressing regional and global challenges.
  2. Enhanced Student Mobility: Increased opportunities for students to study and gain exposure in the neighboring country.
  3. Policy Recommendations: A set of actionable recommendations for policymakers to improve educational systems in both countries.
  4. Strengthened Networks: A robust network of educators, researchers, and institutions committed to ongoing collaboration.


The Indo-Bangladesh Educational Conclave represents a significant step towards strengthening educational ties between the two nations. By fostering collaboration and innovation, the conclave aims to enhance the quality of education and contribute to the socio-economic development of both the countries. This initiative will pave the way for a more integrated and cooperative South Asian educational community.