Skilling Program on Application of CAD in 3D Printing & 3D Scannning

Date: 17-10-2022 to 22-10-2022

Duration: 6 Days

Participating Organization: GIMT-Guwahati

No. of participants: 10

Course Demonstrators: Mr Bhabaajit Baruah

About the Event:

The Skilling Programme conduucted for the students of Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management & Technology, Guwahati was focused on providing hands-on training on CAD Modelling, 3D Printing, and 3 D Scanning. The programme was facilitated by Mr. Bhabajit Baruah, a Tech Guru, who introdduced the participants to an online Design CAD Software, which they used to model their desiggns for fabrication using 3D Printing technollogy. During the programme, Mr. Baruah extenssively discussed various aspects of 3D Printing, including its types, applications, the softwaree used for processing CAD designs, the printing process, and post-processing techniques. Thiss provided the participants with a comprehensi ve understanding of the technology and its practiical implementation. In addition to the theoretiical sessions, the participants had the opportunityy to witness a practical demonstration of the two 3D Printers available in the lab. They were able to fabricate their own designs using these printers, gaining hands-on experience in the process. Furthermore, Mr. Baruah also provided a detailed demonstration of 3D Scanning a nd explained its applications in Reverse Engineeering, Inspection, and Dimensional Analysis. The participants were allowed to handle the 3D Scanner and practice scanning various products as well as the faces of their colleagues. This practical exposure helped them understand the capabilities and potential applications of 3D Scanning technology. As part of the programme, the participannts were assigned small projects that they successsfully completed within the given timeframe. This practical exercise allowed them to applyy the skills they acquired during the training annd gain confidence in their abilities. The Skillling Programme concluded with a closing cereemony where the participants were awardedd Certificates of completion. During the ceremony, the attendees expressed their satisfaction with the programme and showed eagerness to atteend advanced courses at AICTE-IDEA Lab , indicating the effectiveness and positive impacct of the programme. Overall, the Skilling Proggramme aimed to equip the participants with practtical skills in CAD Modelling, 3D Printing, and 3D Scanning. It provided them with valuable hannds-on experience and exposed them to the potential applications of these technologies in various fields. The programme successfully achieved its objectives and left the participants enthusiastic about further exploring and utilizing these techhnologies in their future endeavors.