Internship Program on 3D Printing & Scanning

Date: 30-08-2022 to 13-09-2022

Duration: 15Days

Participating Organization: GIMT-Guwahati

No. of participants: 13

Course Demonstrators: Mr Bhabaajit Baruah

About the Event:

The internship programme conducted for the undergraduate students of Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management and Technology in Guwahati aimed to provide hands-on training on CAD Modelling, 3D Printing, and 3 D Scanning. The programme was facilitated by Mr. Bhabajit Baruah, a Tech Guru, who introoduced the participants to an online Design CAD Software. The students utilized this software to model their designs, which could be fabrricated using 3D Printing technology. During the session, Mr. Baruah extensively discussed varioous aspects of 3D Printing, including its types, applications, the software used for processing CAD designs, the printing process, and post-proceessing techniques. Following the lecture, the participants were given a practical demonstrationn of the two 3D Printers available in the la b. They had the opportunity to fabricate their designs using these printers. Additionally, Mr. Baruah provided a detailed demonstration of 3D S canning and explained its applications in Reveerse Engineering, Inspection, and Dimensional An alysis. The participants were allowed to handlee the 3D Scanner and practice scanning various prroducts as well as the faces of their fellow matees. As part of the programme, the participants were assigned small projects that they successsfully completed within the given timeframe. The fifteen-day skilling programme concluded with the distribution of Certificates in the closing cer emony, where the attendees expressed their satiisfaction with the programme and showed eagerness to attend advanced courses at AICTE-IDEA Lab. Overall, the programme aimed to equip the sttudents with practical skills in CAD Modelling, 3D Printing, and 3D Scanning. It provided them with valuable hands-on experience and expoosed them to the potential applications of these tecchnologies in various fields.