Student Induction Program: Familiarization of 3D Scanner

Date: 12-09-2022

Duration: 1Day

Participating Organization: GIMT-Guwahati

No. of participants: 10

Course Demonstrators: Mr Bhabaajit Baruah

About the Event:

The programme was conducted as a part of the Student Induction Programme (SIP), which is a mandatory programme for the new students enrolled for the new coursess at Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Managemment & Technology, Guwahati. The objective was to familiarize the newly enrolled students with the resources and technologies for the working on 3D Scanning. Mr. Bhabajit Baruah, a Tech Gu ru, conducted a demonstration of the 3D Scannner, providing the participants with an understandinng of its functionalities. Mr. Baruah explained its applications in Reverse Engineering, Inspectionn, and Dimensional Analysis. The participants were allowed to handle the 3D Scanner and practice scanning various products as well as the faces of their fellow mates. The day-long programmme concluded with the closing ceremony, during which the attendees expressed their satisfa ction with the programme and showed enthusiaasm for attending advanced courses at the AICTE-IDEA Lab. The event provided the studen ts with valuable insights into the potential appliccations of these technologies across various fieelds. Overall, the programme aimed to equip the sttudents with practical skills 3D Scanning.