Foreign Language Courses

Girijananda Chowdhury University, offers Skill Enhancement Courses in Japanese, Russian, and French languages to cater to the diverse linguistic interests of our students. These courses are meticulously designed to facilitate language learning and cultural immersion for students and professionals alike. We have experienced instructors of Japanese, Russian, and French who through their activity based classes provide students the opportunity to enhance their language proficiency and gain practical skills that are invaluable in today’s globalized world.

  • The Japanese course offer two courses; one is a minor in Japanese. This intensive Japanese course aims to acquire the basics of the professional use of the Japanese language, such as in teaching, translation, interpretation, or business, as the India-Japan economic relationship is growing year by year. Learners are expected to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), conducted by the Japan Foundation, which is the official exam of the Japanese language. We aim to pass the N5 level (Beginner) after the 2nd semester and prepare for the N4 level (Upper Beginner) from 3rd semester onwards. There will also be scope for higher education or the internship program in India and Japan to further brush up their language skills.   The Japanese also provides Skill Enhancement Courses for engineering students, which provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the Japanese language and culture. From mastering the intricacies of Japanese grammar to developing fluency in conversational Japanese, our dedicated faculty guides students through a structured curriculum emphasizing linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness. Through interactive activities and immersive experiences, students gain the confidence and skills necessary to navigate real-world situations in Japanese-speaking environments
  • In our Russian Language Skill Enhancement Course, students get the opportunity to learn and seek deep knowledge on Russian language and culture. From learning the Cyrillic alphabet to exploring the works of renowned Russian authors, our course curriculum encompasses a wide range of topics to cater to students of varying proficiency levels. Through engaging discussions, writing exercises, and authentic materials, students develop their language skills while gaining insights into the historical and cultural nuances that shape Russian society. Whether  a beginner or an advanced learner, our Russian language courses offer a supportive and dynamic learning environment to the Undergraduate learners to achieve the language learning goals.
  • We provide French Language Skill Enhancement Course which offers students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and culture of France and Francophone countries. From mastering French pronunciation to honing writing skills through creative expression, our courses cater to students with diverse interests and objectives. With a focus on communicative competence and cultural competency, our experienced instructors guide students through a curriculum that integrates language learning with cultural exploration. Through authentic materials provided by our Instructors and interactive activities, students develop the linguistic fluency necessary to engage meaningfully in French-speaking contexts, whether for academic, professional, or personal enrichment purposes.