Industrial Visit to AMTRON, Education & Training Center, Mirza, On 25th April May 2024

Industrial Visit to AMTRON, Education & Training Center, Mirza, Bongara, Assam 781015 On 25th April May 2024 for B.Tech Pre-final year students of Computer Science and Engineering department

Total 47 students of B.Tech (CSE) along with four faculty members Dr. Monisha Devi, Ms. Ritushree Dutta, Ms. Mala Ahmed and Mrs. Rubi Kalita from department of Computer Science of Engineering went to AMTRON, Education & Training Center situated in Mirza, Bongara, Assam.  There the students could learn about the ongoing projects which envisage to have an intensive fortnight campaign across Educational Institutions / Local stakeholders to have a peek into the world of possibilities that 5G shall offer. They learnt the gaps related to “Digital Divide” and lack of educational content on 5G in NE Technical Institutions. In addition, MOOC Courses wherein any stakeholders can get additional knowledge on the 5G Ecosystem. Also they learnt about the real life use cases on what 5G can enable which cannot be deployed effectively on a large scale on 4G. The projects shall showcase on a Pilot Scale thematic use cases in the following verticals:

i.     Healthcare

ii.    Improved Access to Digital Educational Content

iii.    Bamboo / Cane Artisans / Crafts Persons

iv.    Agriculture Use Cases