Girijananda Chowdhury University, Tezpur Campus Marks 1st Foundation Day

Tezpur, [Oct 17]: Girijananda Chowdhury University’s Tezpur Campus marked an important milestone by commemorating its first Foundation Day.

Prof. Abdul Baquee Ahmed, the Principal of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at GCU, Tezpur, hoisted the university flag as a mark of the celebration. Prof. Ahmed in his speech gave an insightful lecture that traced the history of the organization from the founding of the Shrimanta Shankar Academy Society to the upgradation of the University’s status. His speech highlighted the institution’s noteworthy accomplishments in the area of education while simultaneously outlining its aspirational future.

To commemorate this occasion, the university undertook improvements to the campus surroundings through the Campus Beautification Initiative (CBI). Trees and flowers were planted around the campus as part of this program to establish a green, tranquil setting for both study and personal growth.