Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities was established in 2011. It is composed of academics of diverse fields, e.g. Language Teaching, Sociology, Economics, Accountancy, and Management. The courses dealt by the department are spread over the entire curriculum of all branches of Engineering. The faculty members are also competent to give training and counseling in different fields like Academic writing, Syllabus design, career oriented training, human rights etc.

The faculty members of the department currently deal with papers both in Technical programme and Computer Application programme, such as:

·         Communication and Professional Skills

·         Sociology

·         Environmental Science

·         Constitution of India

·         Economics and Accountancy

·         Principles of Management

·         Disaster Management

·         Engineering for Sustainable Development

·         International Business and Intellectual Property Rights

The department of Humanities also conducts Language Laboratory classes for technical as well as management students. The laboratory is equipped with 31 computers and headsets where students can work on language activities programmed by Orell Digital Language Lab software.

Besides this, the department takes active part in organizing events, workshops, talks on various current and health camps for poor people. The Department of Humanities devotes attention to different values and practices of both social and professional ideologies followed in today’s world.