Geotechnical Engineering

The subject deals with the behavior of soil. In order to step into the field of construction, geotechnical engineering plays an important role. Soil is the base or foundation for any structure to be built and hence the preliminary step for any construction is to know the engineering properties of soil over which the structure is planned and hence the subject holds its uttermost importance. The department of Civil Engineering of Girijananda Chowdhury University is well equipped with Geotechnical Engineering laboratory for the students to conduct various geotechnical tests in order to study about the engineering behavior of soil. The students also learn about its practical implications by completing different projects related to soil engineering which is beneficial for them in gaining practical knowledge. The subject basically includes soil properties, types of foundation, soil exploration, geotechnical testing, soil bearing capacity etc which are specified in the courses of BTech during the 5th and 6th semester.