About Bina Chowdhury Central Library 

A library is regarded as a treasure house of knowledge for an institute, as such, it should be in proper form and well maintained from all corners.

In case of an engineering institute, especially when the institute is of GIMT status (the first AICTE approved private engineering institute) the library must be well maintained and should provide all the best services of a library.

The Bina Chowdhury Central Library (BCCL) occupies total carpet area of 6481.76 sq. ft. in where the main library occupies 3021.92 sq. ft. carpet area and Reading Room has 3459.84 sq. ft. carpet area with seating capacity of 120. The central library is full of different textbooks, reference books and other reference sources like encyclopedias, dictionaries, novels, biographies etc. The library is divided into different sections that house the Reading Room Corner, Textbook Corner, Periodical Corner, Reference Corner, Internet Section, Dissertation Corner, Circulation Corner, Technical Processing Section and the Competitive Examination Corner – a section set aside for students who are preparing for GPAT & GATE. The library, which is central to providing quality Engineering, Management, Pharmaceutical education to students, currently boasts over 40000 volumes books serving near about 2500 students and 180 faculty & staff. These include textbooks, reference books, journals, and other material such as dissertations, CD-ROMs, and a number of electronic resources like E-Journals subscribed through J-Gate, Science Direct and DELNET Consortium. Apart from providing a strong and vital support to the fraternity, plans are in place to provide innovative solutions like Digital Reference Services, Electronic Document Delivery Services beyond the four walls of the library.

The library follows DDC 22nd Edition for classification and AACR-II for cataloguing the documents respectively. The library is partially automated with the Library Management Software SOUL 2.0. developed by INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad.