AI and the Impending Danger to Humanity

Two famous movies of the early 90’s , namely the ‘Terminator’ and ‘The Matrix’have warned humanity about the dangers of the extensive use of A.I (Artificial Intelligence). In both movies, AI eventually takes over the world and the remnants of humanity are dealt with dealing against the damage of the machines.

Although we do not face the same type of danger as in the said movies, we do however face an impending danger.

This impending danger is the over-reliance on the AI and the machines, and human inability to perform to their full potential.

Students use Chat-GPTto do their homework and Assignments, which make their work easier.

In earlier days, people had to borrow books from the library just to complete an Assignment. This lets them gain innate knowledge on the topics.

The use of Open.AI ensures that we do not gain the knowledge, as the harder we work for the knowledge, the better we are equipped with it.

Hence the impending dangers of using AI are lack of knowledge, wastage of potential and laziness.

AI is the friend to humanity , but if our friend does all our work , how will we learn everything.

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