School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Established as a distinct entity in 2023, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Girijananda Chowdhury University seeks to innovate and excel in creating and disseminating Humanities and Social Science knowledge, with the goal of enriching our understanding of human society and relationships. Engaging and powerfully responding to the challenges and opportunities of our times, the academics in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences include undergraduate and graduate programs, and research initiatives in disciplines ranging from English, Economics, Sociology, Social Work, Political Science, Psychology and History with the option of double major, forming an interdisciplinary array of research scholars with global perspectives and a culture of inclusion. The pedagogy to be followed shall be learner centric and aim at holistic development of the students so as to prepare them to face the challenges of the real world. Extra and co-curricular activities are a regular part of the programmes in this School and students will be encouraged to engage in theatre/drama, Classical/Contemporary music, Classical/Modern drama, and Sculpture/Art. Fostering critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences endeavors to create an eco-system of personalized learning for its students by using the latest educational technology and ICT, and by introducing the innovative framework of integrated studies in Liberal Arts as per NEP 2022.

The school of Humanities and Social Sciences shall have the following Departments and Programmes:

 DepartmentsUndergraduate ProgrammesPost Graduate    Programmes
Department of EnglishBachelor of Arts in English  Master of Arts in English
Departmentof EconomicsBachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Science in EconomicsMaster of Arts/ Master of Science in Economics
Department of Sociology & Social WorkBachelor of Arts in Sociology,  Bachelor in Social Work (BSW)Master of Arts in Sociology,  Master of Social Work (MSW)
Department of PsychologyBachelor of Arts in PsychologyMaster of Arts/ Master of Science in Psychology
Department of Political ScienceBachelor of Arts in Political ScienceMaster of Arts in Political Science
Department of HistoryBachelor of Arts in History 
 Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts