Skilling Program on Application of CAD in 3D Printing & 3D Scannning

Date: 31-10-2022 to 05-11-2022

Duration: 6 Days

Participating Organization: GIMT-Guwahati

No. of participants: 10

Course Demonstrators: Mr Bhabaajit Baruah

About the Event:

The Skilling Programme for Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management & Technology students in Guwahati focused on offering hands-on instruction in CAD Modelling, 3D Printing, and 3D Scanning. Mr. Bhabajitt Baruah, a Tech Guru, conducted the workshop and exposed participants to an online Design CAD Software, which they used to model their concepts for manufacturing utilizing 3D Printing technology. Mr. Baruah fully explored numerous aspects of 3D Printing during the programmme, including its types, applications, the software used to process CAD drawings, the printing process, and post-processing procedures. This gave the attendees a thorough understanding of the technology and its practical application. In addition to the academic seminars, guests were able to watch a practical demonstration of the lab’s two 3D Printers. They were able to use these printers to create their own designs, gaining hands-on experience in the process. Mr. Baruah also demonstrated 3D scanning in detail and explained its uses in Reverse Engineering, Inspection, and Dimensional Analysis. The participants were given the opportunity to use the 3D Scanner and scan various objects as well as their colleagues’ faces. This hands-on experience allowed them to better comprehend the capabilities and possible applications of 3D scanning technology. Participants were allocated modest projects as part of the programme, which they accomplished successfully within the period. This practical practice allowed students to put their training skills to use and grow confidence in their talents. The Skilling Programme culminated with a closing ceremony in which participants were presented completion certificates. During the event, attendees expressed their happiness with the programme and expressed a desire to join advanced courses at AICTE-IDEA Lab, demonstrating the program’s success and good impact. The Skilling Programme’s overall goal was to provide participants with practical skills in CAD modelling, 3D printing, and 3D scanning. It gave students valuable hands-on experience while also exposing them to the possible uses of these technologies in a variety of sectors. The programme met its aims and left participants eager to learn more about and apply these technologies in the future.