Student Internship on PCB Fabrication, 3D Printing, 3D Scanning

Date: 09-09-2022 to 20-09-2022

Duration: 12Days

Participating Organization: Bongaaigaon Polytechnic & GIMT-Guwahati

No. of participants: 10

Course Demonstrators: Mr Bhabaajit Baruah, Mr. Abhinandan Kalita, Mr. Tridib Rooy

About the Event:

The internship programme wass organized for the students of Bongaigaon Polytechnic and Girijananda Chowdhury Institutte of Management & Technology, Guwahati, with the aim of providing hands-on training inn the areas of PCB fabrication, 3D printingg using additive manufacturing, and reverse enggineering through 3D scanning. Mr. Bhabajit Baruah, a Tech Guru, conducted the programmme and introduced an online Design CAD Software to the participants, where they could model their designs for fabrication using 3D pri nting. During the programme, Mr. Baruah extensivvely discussed various aspects of 3D printing, in cluding its types, applications, the software used f or processing CAD designs, the printing process itself, and post-processing techniques. Following the lecture, the participants were given a demmonstration of the two 3D printers available in the lab. They were able to fabricate their own designs using the 3D printers. Additionally, Mr. Barruah provided a detailed demonstration of 3D scanning and explained its applications in reeverse engineering, inspection, and dimensionnal analysis. The participants had the opportunity to handle the 3D scanner and practice scanning various products and the faces of their fellow participants. The PCB design and fabrication segment of the programme was conducted by M r. Abhinandan Kalita and Mr. Tridib Roy. The participants were introduced to PCB design softwware and learned about etching processes, both dry and wet, as well as the components involved in PCB fabrication. They also learned aboutt traditional PCB fabrication methods and had the chance to work with a PCB prototype machine. The participants were assigned small projects, w hich they successfully completed within the given time frame. The twelve-day programme conncluded with a closing ceremony where the participants were awarded certificates for their paarticipation. The attendees provided excellent feedback on the programme and expressed their enthusiasm to attend advanced courses at AIICTE-IDEA Lab. Overall, the internship programmme provided valuable hands-on training in PCBB fabrication, 3D printing, and reverse engineeringg, allowing the participants to enhance their skillls and knowledge in these areas.