Smart water quality monitoring system with reference to Deepor Beel using Internet of Things and AI

About the Project:

The project was funded under TEQIP III, Govt. of India. The sanctioned amount was Rs. 2,74,500.00. The main objective of this project was in monitoring the quality of water and environment around deepor beel. For the purpose of monitoring the quality of water, a multi-sensor based instrumentation system has been developed. The instrumentation system consists of the following sensors

a. pH sensor for measuring the pH of water,

b. Turbidity sensor,

c. Temperature sensor,

d. MQ4 and MQ135 gas sensors.

The sensor data are fed to an arduino based microcontroller board, which samples the data and converts it to a digital signal. The digital signals are sent to a raspberry pi system where the data are used in an AI based algorithm to compute the water quality in terms of water quality index. The raspberry pi sends email information notifying about the status of the water quality under test.