Development of a Handheld Chlorophyll meter for determination of chlorophyll content index for agricultural

About the Project:

The project was funded under TEQIP III, Govt. of India. The sanctioned amount was Rs. 2,94,000.00. The main objective of this project was to develop a smart, low cost chlorophyll index meter based on Red and IR LED and Receiver and to determine the chlorophyll content index of plants. For the purpose of monitoring the chlorophyll content of green plants, an optical transmitter-receiver based instrumentation system has been developed. The instrumentation system consists of the following-

a. A red and IR LED which acts as transmitter,

b. A IR receiver and a photo-transistor,

c. A arduino nano based Atmega 328 microcontroller system

d. DHT11 – atmospheric humidity and temperature sensor,

e. A 16 × 2 LCD for display

The sensor data are fed to an arduino based microcontroller board, which samples the data and converts it to a digital signal. The digital signals are further processed to compute the chlorophyll content index (CCI) and the Normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) of the green leaves. These two outputs after computing can be stored and retrieved for further processing.

Name of Faculty Incharge: Dr. Sandip Bordoloi

Status: Submitted