Department of Economics

The Department of Economics at Girijananda Chowdhury University is one of the strongest departments having faculty members who have keen interest in research and proficiency in providing extensive knowledge on a broad range of fields related to Economics. The Department of Economics of Girijananda Chowdhury University currently offers four programs i.e.  B.A in Economics, M.A in Economics, M.Sc in Economics and Ph.D in Economics. B.A in Economics is a four year program which will equip the students with the knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics, behavioral economics, health economics, monetary economics, international economics, public finance, banking and financial system, monetary economics, labour economics, environmental economics, agricultural economics, industrial economics, economic growth, development economics mathematical economics and different areas of applied statistics and econometrics. The master’s program has been designed in a way to acquaint the students with contemporary developments in different areas of economics. The Ph.D program of the university is introduced with the aim of developing researchers who are well equipped to undertake research challenges for the future benefit of the society.

Programmes offered by Economics Department:

Undergraduate ProgrammesPost Graduate    Programmes
Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Science in EconomicsMaster of Arts/ Master of Science in Economics